Pink Mountain

Dufourspitze named after Guillaume-Henri Dufour—a Swiss engineer and co-founder of the Red Cross, by the Swiss Federal Council on January 28, 1863, (in German, lit. Dufour Peak) , Pointe Dufour (in French), Punta Dufour (in Italian), or Monte Rosa is the second highest mountain in the Alps and western Europe and the highest of Switzerland, at a height of approximately 4,634 m (15,203 ft).

The mountain, which is part of the Pennine Alps in southern Valais, is the culminating point of the Monte Rosa Massif, consisting of several summits over 4,500 metres lying on the border between Italy and Switzerland.

While the eastern side forms the tallest wall in the Alps, the western side of the pink mountain gives birth to the Gorner Glacier, the second largest glacier in the Alps. Other high summits of the Swiss Alps, including the Matterhorn, are located within a few tens of kilometres away.